Contemporary Performance Wing

The Michael Chekhov School is planing to offer Summer and / or Winter Retreats in UTAH for contemporary cross-discipline performers, who wish to dedicate a special time in their year to work in physical and contemplative ways on their own instrument and their perceptions. The residencies are curated by Camille Litalien, Ragnar Freidank and others.

The first retreat we are planning is:

TUNE INTO PRESENCE – with the help of the natural worlds around and within.

As performers, we spend a good deal of our lives in the studio, exploring the density of the Universe manifest inside of ourselves. In this Retreat, we propose to expand these explorations to the natural worlds outside of our human physicality: What vibrations, sensations, manifestations, are born from juxtaposing a human body to something else alive, but not human?

fall closeCan the experience of a tree in nature, within its own habitat (the altitude, the mountain onto which it is rooted, the season) be a framework for discoveries and creation?

How does juxtaposition and vibration induce the listening quality so necessary for the performer to be present?

Here, we work from lived experiences in nature as opposed to imagined experiences in the studio:

treeIs the silence inherent to nature a juxtaposition to the noise inherent to cities?

Is this experience a performance?

Is the vastness inherent to the West a juxtaposition to the overpopulated East?

What and where are the boundaries of my body and how do they provoke my understanding of inside and outside, or mine and not mine?

Is the extreme climate of Utah a juxtaposition to the tempered habitats we create for ourselves?

Is the melting of the snow a metaphor for the uncovering of ourselves?

Is this experience a performance?

If you are interested in the UTAH residency, please contact Camille for details at:
camillelitalien (at) gmail (dot) com

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