Video Introduction to the School by Joanna Merlin, student of Michael Chekhov’s and president of MICHA, the Michael Chekhov Association


To make an immersive training in the Michael Chekhov Technique available to actors, acting students and theater professionals in a residency-setting and at an affordable cost.

The collective resume of the school’s mentor-teachers include Broadway, film, television, major regional theaters, as well as major universities including the Graduate Acting Program of NYU, the Graduate Acting Program of The New School for Drama, Columbia University’s School of the Arts in NYC and MICHA, the Michael Chekhov Association.

For program details, please go to the ‘program‘ page.
To learn more about the school, visit the ‘about‘ page.

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The Michael Chekhov School is an initiative of The Actors’ Ensemble of Columbia County,  a 501 (c)(3) not for profit organization.

4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Fern, Ted, Ragnar, Joanna, Jessica: This is a wonderful development! I would love to be able to do the year around program, but can only do the summer. I have a very happy obstacle to participating in 2015 as well-I am getting married this summer, on July 4th no less. My goodness, I wish I could do both. In any case, way to go, count me in, eventually in some capacity if it works out.

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  2. This is very exciting! Congratulations and I look forward to hearing more. I spent a lot of time on the website, reading and watching the videos. I’m so glad I did. On a personal note, I was deeply affected by watching the video on the history of the Actors Ensemble…In the 1970s I played opposite Charlie Harper, in my first professional NYC production. A gifted artist and generous, loving soul, he became a dear friend and sometime advisor until we lost touch. I did not know of the Chekhov connection. In hindsight it makes perfect sense.


  3. My response to this email announcement about the Chekhov school was tears of joy excitement
    Nostalgia … I was in the first class in NYC but wasn’t able to complete the course. I had attended a year of speech and drama with jerry Joseph’s at Emerson college England the previous year.
    I have not done much acting since as I was raising my son here in Woodstock . Now that he’s in college I decided to take an acting workshop with Trisha in Kingston
    And funny how one thing leads to the next, she forwards this email which I did not see in my inbox.
    This is just so timely I’m amazed
    And feel an instant commitment to the training
    I look forward to speeking with you all about this
    Fond memories
    Cornelia Logan


  4. Dear Fern, Ted and Ragnar,
    this is an amazing, generous and exciting opportunity you are offering to all of us out there! I so much would love to send someone over there to you (together with myself) but I don’t know how that would be possible. In any case, even the thought of it happening is inspiring and maybe I will find that seed of long ago in me for some action here where I am. much love and strength and thank you-s to you
    from Eszter Rostas


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