A Retrospective (2015-2020)


Today, the Michael Chekhov School offers sessions in our Online Studio with Ted Pugh & Fern Sloan and classes in New York City with Ragnar.

During the years 2015 – 2020, the Michael Chekhov School was in a position to offer multi-week Immersions in a residency setting in Hudson, NY.  Although the videos here do not encompass all actors who were able to join us, this page is a testimony to some of the work and conversations that took place during these times.


Kyle – Setting Sail

A docu-journal by Kyle Dubensky Wood about our inaugural session. Kyle passed away on June 16th 2018

Yuan-Rong – my soul trembles

Working on-camera with the “Queen” from Shakespeare’s “Richard II”. Taiwanese & English

Daniela & Salomé – looking for something

A conversation about trusting the body, vulnerability – and what it means to lead a creative life

Margot & Craig – playing & listening

An improvisation on material by Anton Chekhov

Ty & Kate – a strange medium

A discussion on technique, objectivity and the actor’s medium

Dominique, Dorothea & Marina – Hamlet dreams

An exploration of Hamlet on camera, with words in German and singing in Russian

Jakub & Grzegorz – to be a discoverer

A conversation about the actor as a seeker & discoverer between two worlds. Polish with English subtitles

Danielle, with Gabriela & Martin – Medea

An on-camera exploration with a voice over conversation during playback

Kathryn & Aoibheann – the spirit of things

A conversation about spirit, acting and sharing the gift

Gabriela – better than New York hustling

An exploration of auditioning material on-camera

Berda, Gabriela, Val, Dorothea, K.D., Peggy, James, Gabriel – mic check 2015

Reflections on the past summer session

Bekah & Scott – a short film

A filmed scene from the play “Good As New” by Peter Hedges

Bew & Som & Stephen – of mind & body

A reflection on making art of mind & body

Gabriel – process on camera

Working with excerpts from “A Brief for the Defense” by Jack Gilbert

Amparo & Gabriela – atuar / to act

On imagination, technique & the freedom to act. Portuguese with English subtitles. Guest appearance by little Micael


Colleen, Dorothea, Val, Kyle, Peggy, Gabriel, Camille, Berda, K.D. – filming & playing

Playing with the camera as a performance space and with Martin (camera) & Ragnar (edit)


Yuan-Rong & Pan-Ke – path | sense

Conversation on imitations, embodiment and the development of a “higher self”. Chinese with English subtitles


Val – with Joanna

From an Auditioning Class with Joanna Merlin, the last living direct student of Michael Chekhov


Pan-Ke & Yuan-Rong – movement | life

Contemplations on Michael Chekhov’s approach in relation to traditional Eastern culture. Chinese with English subtitles


Dorothea & James – with Joanna

From another Auditioning Class with Joanna Merlin, the last living direct student of Michael Chekhov


Phoebe & Alex – room for fire

A conversation on performing, joy & interpreting Michael Chekhov


Pan-Ke – the whole world is your stage

“I doubt and write. I always feel I should tell the truth. Let me just do it.”



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