A PRACTICAL IMMERSION in the Michael Chekhov Technique

April 13 – May 19, 2019 FIVE-WEEK COURSE

“Don’t think that when you are acting in New York you don’t influence the whole world; you do. When you are acting badly, you don’t influence anyone, but if you do something really significant, then you influence the whole world … – Perhaps it may seem exaggerated to you now, but if you will ponder on it, you will see that it is so…. The reason for this talk was that I want you to realize and make concrete the idea of our school, to work for it and for the whole human culture.”  Michael Chekhov (1939)

The Course

A 5-week Immersion as a progressive journey through all elements of the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique so that you can become thoroughly skilled in this work.

A Program for Actors
* who have some prior fundamental training in acting and want to dedicate 5 weeks to practically learn the Michael Chekhov Technique
* who are serious about their own own craft and development.
* You don’t have to already work professionally, but you need to have the intention of becoming a performer

When & Where
Arrival days: April 13 / 14 – Departure days: May 18 / 19, 2019.
The Michael Chekhov School is located in the historic City of Hudson (NY), two hours from New York City. Hudson is accessible by train (Amtrak); the closest airports are Albany (NY) and all NYC airports.

Course Description
* Transforming the Instrument: qualities of movement, sensation, four brothers (ease, form, beauty, sense of the whole), staccato-legato, expanding-contracting, radiating-receiving
* Characterization: imaginary body, imaginary centers, psychological gesture, archetypes, archetypal gesture, concentration & imagination, three sisters (falling, floating, balancing)
* Collaboration & Ensemble: objective atmosphere, individual atmosphere, play
* Presence / Performance Situation: ideal center, improvisation, work with text
By the end you will have synthesized all elements we have been working on throughout the 5-week course.

On-Camera Work
Exploring Michael Chekhov Technique in on-camera sessions we will develop our availability for living & performing genuinely in front of the camera.

With Yuan-rong Liao. [Chinese & English], Immersion, 2018

Our core faculty includes Ted Pugh, Fern Sloan & Ragnar Freidank. Ted & Fern are bringing their experience of more than 40 years with the Michael Chekhov work to this course. Ragnar is an award-winning filmmaker and co-director of the acclaimed DVD series Master Classes in the Michael Chekhov TechniqueAdditional faculty include the last living direct student of Michael Chekhov Joanna Merlin, plus other guests. All of our faculty are teachers for MICHA, the Michael Chekhov Association. For more information on our faculty, please visit our ‘faculty’ page.

The tuition is $3500.
 Individual payment plans can be arranged upon request.

We are offering very affordable housing in shared rooms in a beautiful, spacious house in close vicinity to Hudson. Advance notice is necessary to secure housing. The fee for all 5 weeks is $600 (includes transportation between the house & the work-space). Please inquire for details. Alternatively, participants might wish to arrange for their own housing in Hudson.

We are offering limited work-study places, which can cover your housing costs while you are at the school. Please inquire for details.

How to Apply
The course is limited to 12 actors. – Please use the form below to contact us for details about the admission process. We will reply to your message within 24 hours. If you have not received a reply, please double-check the spelling of your email address.

More Information
If you have additional questions; or you would like more information, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

~ Jakub Margosiak & Grzegorz Łabuda on the actor as a seeker [in Polish with English subtitles].