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In light of the current coronavirus pandemic and the recommended safety measures that have shut down public gatherings, our art-form is going through a period of suspension and transformation. Theatre training as well as theatre events have already begun to feel the effects of these health safety measures. The Michael Chekhov School has put together an online package, comprised of 21 video classes and a collection of 13 audio exercises for streaming at a discounted rate of $40 per student. As additional material for self-study we include an audio / video collection of conversations with actors, directors & teachers, who are inspired by Michael Chekhov’s work. You can also send questions that arise from the self-study to our faculty through the course page. Please scroll down for free sample classes.

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About the Course
This is an on-demand course which gives you access to the complete course at your own convenience. All videos & audio-recordings in this course are professionally produced. A single subscription is valid for one actor for 6 months, or until we discontinue the course (whichever is longer).

Outline of Classes:
VIDEO CLASSES are covering a particular aspect of the technique.
AUDIO EXERCISES are guiding through the practical exploration of it.
ADDITIONAL CONVERSATIONS are sharing different perspectives by practitioners.
All elements of Michael Chekhov’s Acting Technique are deeply interrelated. You may want to follow the course consecutively as it is outlined, or you can browse any of the classes & exercises as they appeal to your interest. (See below for a complete list of all course-assets.)

About the Audio Exercises:
“The series of Audio exercises is a companion to the Imaginary Classes. Each audio-exercise is leading into one of the elements of the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique. They are for actors who would like to have the opportunity to be guided through a practical exploration of this work.”

About the Imaginary Classes:
“In the Imaginary Classes, Ragnar is sharing with you his understanding of the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique. It is his hope that interacting with the sessions can be helpful to you and that you will develop your own way of working with the underlying principles.”

Related Material for Self-Study:
Included in this course is a collection of audio-conversations and videos, featuring Ted Pugh, Fern Sloan, Joanna Merlin, Jessica Cerullo, Bethany Caputo, Craig Mathers, Jobst Langhans, Marjolein Baars and other long-time practitioners of Michael Chekhov’s work.

Title Image: Actor Michael Wilson, photographed by Martin D. Anderson. Image Layout: Valorie Kissel.










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Content (Video Classes)
Overview – “Imaginary Classes”
CLASS 01 There You Are – “Technique & Inspiration”
CLASS 02 The Intangibles – “Living Processes”
CLASS 03 There’s Someone at the Door – “Imaginary Interference”
CLASS 04 What a Mess! – “Life is always there”
CLASS 05 Marginalized Voices – “Speak about me!”
CLASS 06 Battle of Images – “Imaginary Conflict”
CLASS 07 I feel too much, give me a pill – “Sensation”
CLASS 08 I don’t like it – I love it! – “Expanding / Contracting”
CLASS 09 Who ate the last cookie? – “Ideal Center”
CLASS 10 Is there something strange going on? – “Atmosphere”
CLASS 11 Are you following me? – “Archetypes”
CLASS 12 Interlude – “Actor & Audience”
CLASS 13 My friends hated it – “Radiating & Receiving”
CLASS 14 Ever talking to yourself? – “Character”
CLASS 15 Why are you looking at me like this? – “Psychological Gesture”
CLASS 16 Going Places – “Imaginary Centers”
CLASS 17 The Other Olympics – “Qualities of Movement”
CLASS 18 Watch Me Act! – “Imaginary Body”
CLASS 19 Who’s talking when nobody is talking?– “The Pause”
CLASS 20 You are never alone – “Tempo”
CLASS 21 Showing up – “Radiating”~

Content (Audio Exercises)
SESSION 01 “Sensation”
SESSION 02 “Curved & Straight Lines”
SESSION 03 “Characterization”
SESSION 04 “Expanding – Contracting”
SESSION 05 “Imagination”
SESSION 06 “Qualities / Atmosphere”.
SESSION 07 “Four Brothers”
SESSION 08 “Imagination | Space”
SESSION 09 “Imagination | Sustaining”
SESSION 10 “Imagination | Centers”
SESSION 11 “Imaginary Body”
SESSION 12 “Atmosphere / Sound”
SESSION 13 “Psychological Gesture”
Content (Self-Study Material)
PODCAST EPISODE: “So Others Can Rest In It Too“, with Brent Carver
PODCAST EPISODE:  “To be an Actor“, with Ted Pugh and Fern Sloan
PODCAST EPISODE:  “Dream Doors“, with Phelim Mcdermott
PODCAST EPISODE: “It was like a Mystery“, with Joanna Merlin & Jobst Langhans
PODCAST EPISODE: “Everything is but the Door“, with Jessica Cerullo
PODCAST EPISODE: “Our True Language“, with Ragnar Freidank & Margot Fenley
PODCAST EPISODE: “The Nature of Things“, with Bethany Caputo, Craig Mathers, Deb Keller
PODCAST EPISODE: “The Theater in my mind“, with Danielle Carter
PODCAST EPISODE: “Where the Life Is“, with Ted Pugh & Fern Sloan
PODCAST EPISODE: “Understanding Beyond Words“, with Marjolein Baars
PODCAST EPISODE: “To Never Be Finished“, with Fern Sloan & Ted Pugh
VIDEO EPISODE: “The History of the Michael Chekhov Work I”, with Ted Pugh
VIDEO EPISODE: “The History of the Michael Chekhov Work II”, with Fern Sloan
VIDEO EPISODE: “Working with Michael Chekhov”, with Joanna Merlin
VIDEO EPISODE: “As If It Is A Friend”, on Michael Chekhov with Ragnar
VIDEO EPISODE: “Working Session”, on “Medea” with Danielle Carter
VIDEO EPISODE: “You Want To Live In It”: Ted Pugh, Fern Sloan & their work in The Actors’ Ensemble
VIDEO EPISODE: “Open Class”, Valorie Kissel, Ryan Feyk & others working on “The Seagull
FREE FILM: “Eugene’s Ghosts” based on O’Neill’s “Long Day’s Journey Into Night”, with Ted Pugh, Fern Sloan, Séamus Maynard, Dale March, Jessica Cerullo, Martin D. Anderson; directed by Ragnar
Martin D. Anderson about filming the Imaginary Classes

If you would like to access the online acting course but cannot afford the subscription fee, please contact us, using the form below. You can also write us with any questions you may have about the course.  We look forward to hearing from you.