Eugene’s Ghosts

In the summer of 2010 a theater group, with 2 cameras, sound and lighting equipment, goes and lives in a house in New London CT: ‘Monte Cristo Cottage‘, the childhood home of Eugene O’Neill. It is in this house that the real life events took place, that O’Neill depicts in his play: ‘Long Day’s Journey Into Night‘.
In the house the cast is entering a world of the past. In fluid roles -with actors filming, recording sound, working in front of and behind the camera- the company is following the themes of O’Neill’s play and the characters he evokes through his writing. Capturing the sudden feelings that flare up and the impulses that come upon them, the company encounters what they begin to call ‘Eugene’s Ghosts‘.
A presence that can be felt in their images, premonitions and dreams. The journey of ‘Eugene’s Ghosts‘ raises fundamental questions about the nature of creative work itself: Who are we listening to when we are inspired? What are we following when we act on our creative impulses? – Way below the surface of our mind are there words of the past that need to be spoken, feelings that need to be felt? Is it the writer, actor, filmmaker who is giving those restless ‘ghosts’ a voice? With: Ted Pugh, Fern Sloan, Dale March, Séamus Maynard, Jessica Cerullo, Martin D. Anderson, Ragnar Freidank.

Eugene’s Ghosts – the Film:


Scenes + Introductory Commentaries


outside the box:

it’s not an excuse:

… as long as it stops the argument:

something I believe in:

we all sell our souls:

I don’t know what you are talking about:

who wants to see life as it is:

I love your guts, kid:

I tried so hard:

Because she accused me:

Mama, I’ve got consumption:

… who saveth his brother from himself:

I have never told this to anyone before:

It was never vulgar:

Where are you Mama? / there isn’t really any hope:

Thoughts from the Director:

the ruthless master of art:

Bonus Material:

the fly:

it’s my agent:

they won’t know what you’re eating:

The Floridians: