Imaginary Classes with Ragnar

FREE ONLINE CLASSES for everyone wanting to learn more about Michael Chekhov’s Method. “In these classes, I am sharing with you my own understanding of what Michael Chekhov is speaking about. It is my hope that interacting with the sessions can be helpful to you and that you will develop your own way of working with the underlying principles. If in your own work & practice you are encountering particular challenges, feel free to reach out with your questions – they might inspire an imaginary class in the future.”   (Ragnar Freidank)

An Imaginary Sample Class


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Current Classes
Overview“Imaginary Classes”
There You Are“Technique & Inspiration”
The Intangibles“Living Processes”
There’s Someone at the Door“Imaginary Interference”
What a Mess!“Life is always there”
Marginalized Voices “Speak about me!”
Battle of Images “Imaginary Conflict”
I feel too much, give me a pill“Sensation”
I don’t like it – I love it! – “Expanding / Contracting”
Who ate the last cookie? “Ideal Center”
Is there something strange going on? – “Atmosphere”
Are you following me? – “Archetypes”
Interlude – “Actor & Audience”
My friends hated it – “Radiating & Receiving”
Ever talking to yourself? – “Character”
Why are you looking at me like this? “Psychological Gesture”
Going Places “Imaginary Centers”

+ Most recently added
The Other Olympics – “Qualities of Movement”

Watch me Act (Imaginary Body)
Who’s talking when nobody is talking? (The Pause)
Is it me or is everyone talking real slow? (Inner & Outer Tempo)
Showing up (Radiating) – end of Season I

Season II
A breath of air  (traveler between worlds)
How about a warm-up video? (preparation – a guide)
What is the role of the head? (thinking about ‘thinking’)
Tonight’s show was weird (when the performance is ‘off’)
How do you make these movements conscious? (experience it at will)
I would like to know exercises on “focal point” (focusing on ‘focus’)

Cameraman Martin D. Anderson about his experience filming the classes:

“They’re fantastic and so insightful! They really acknowledge the fact that there is a powerful energy that enters into a performance that’s different from what happens during a rehearsal.”
-Amanda Gates-Elston-

“This video series is a wonderful expression of Michael Chekhov’s approach to acting. It’s alive, protean, at times hilarious and ultimately illuminating. I’m very proud of it. For those of you who’ve been in class with Ragnar, I think you’ll feel like you’re back in the room, at least in your, ahem, imagination…”
-Martin D. Anderson-

“Every single time I look at it I can not help but think that by this video somehow you are portraying the future. The sense of what future consciousness would taste like can be felt.”
-Hyung Seok Jeon-

Belief in self
Belief in the current that surrounds us
Thru which our gifts might speak
That we may give them room to speak, to be, to inform us, warm us, and
-Deborah Keller-