Diving into the Deep

Deepening the Michael Chekhov Technique



“When we are satisfied with being half-filled with the objective, half-radiating the atmosphere, half-guessing the gesture, we are on the wrong path because we are only half-creators, half-actors, we are half-strong or half-weak, and this is what we must overcome. That is the reason why we have our school; to get something to the fullest extent.”  Michael Chekhov, July 4, 1938

The Course
is a progressive journey for the practitioner with some fundamental knowledge of the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique. DIVING INTO THE DEEP will build on your previous foundation and supports your individual development and mastery of this work.

A Program for Actors
who already possess some PREVIOUS TRAINING in the Michael Chekhov Technique. Prior training may include: participation in MICHA workshops, courses at one of the private Michael Chekhov Studios, workshops with Michael Chekhov Europe, class work with a MICHA affiliated teacher, previous work with the Michael Chekhov School, or similar training. If you question whether your particular background gives you a sufficient foundation for this course, please contact us.

When & Where
January 8 – 27, 2018 (subject to change), in Hudson (NY), 2 hours from New York City.
Hudson is accessible by train (Amtrak); the closest airports are Albany (NY) and all NYC airports.

We are working 5 days per week, with optional rehearsals on the days off.

Course Description
We will build the specific content of this course around all participating actors. As part of your application process we invite you to express the area of the technique you need to focus on to progress in this work. In addition we will work every day on strengthening each actor’s foundation through seeking to incorporate the FULL BODY experience, the true depth of PSYCHO-PHYSICAL, the actuality of GESTURE and the experience of SENSATION.

Ted Pugh, Fern Sloan and Ragnar Freidank. Additional faculty include the last living direct student of Michael Chekhov Joanna Merlin, plus guests. All of our faculty are teachers for MICHA, the Michael Chekhov Association. For more information on our faculty, please visit our ‘faculty’ page.


More Information
This course is limited to 12 actors. Admission is not yet open.
For inquiries, please send us a brief message using this form:

Gabriela Bonomo working on material from a film