Audio Exercises for Actors & Other Humans

With Ragnar Freidank and photographs by Eddie Marritz

All through the summer, you can listen to a free weekly Imaginary Audio Exercise on this page.
Published every Monday morning (NY time), each episode is around 15 minutes & available for one week.

Imaginary Audio Exercise – EPISODE 1

How is life moving in your own body?

If that movement of “How are you doing right now?” was an ocean:

Is it like an ocean that is feeling very calm right now

like a calm ocean, 

not much wind happening…

Is it an ocean that’s kind of whirling up and with a lot of movement, 

water that was from the deep coming up to the top, 

water from the top going down to the deep swirling around….

Just take a moment to listen to your body experience at this very moment….

Next episode available for listening: Monday morning July 26 (NY time).