Audio Exercises for Actors & Other Humans

On-Demand Course with Ragnar Freidank

The Imagination Radio guides you through a journey of 30 original audio exercises, inspired by MICHAEL CHEKHOV’s Acting Technique. Each audio session is around 15 minutes in duration, accompanied by a photograph by Eddie Marritz.

Total course duration 7.5 hours (30 exercises)
Cost: $120 / 6 month subscription

Available September 2021

Listen to a free sample Imagination-Exercise:

How is life moving in your own body?
If that movement of “How are you doing right now?” was an ocean:
Is it like an ocean that is feeling very calm right now
like a calm ocean,
not much wind happening…
Is it an ocean that’s kind of whirling up and with a lot of movement,
water that was from the deep coming up to the top,
water from the top going down to the deep swirling around….
Just take a moment to listen to your body experience at this very moment…