Open Class

“The Thing Is…”

Ryan Feyk & Valorie Kissel in Anton Chekhov’s “The Seagull”
Based on the work in Ragnar’s Scene Class in New York City

In November 2019 a group of 7 actors from Ragnar’s Class in NYC came to Hudson (NY) for some work on material & filming. The above “exercise” we filmed in relation to Anton Chekhov’s “Seagull”. Actors Ryan & Val are talking themselves & everyone through the process; then it goes from there into the spirit of the play. A film with: Grant Neale, LeeAnne Hutchison, Heather Holmes, Keizo Kaji, Michael Wilson, Ryan Feyk & Valorie Kissel. Camera: Mathias Magnason. Audio by actor Grant Neale. Camera by filmmaker Mathias Magnason.


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“That is what we want in our school, to open the doors for the creative spirit.” Michael Chekhov