Psychological Gesture in Boston

“The Psychological Gesture”
Michael Chekhov Technique Workshop
Boston, February 2020 (to be confirmed)

DSC06565“There are no rules telling us how to discover the Psychological Gesture – it must be discovered intuitively.” Michael Chekhov

Saturday & Sunday February 2020 ( dates to be confirmed).
10am – 5pm (12 hours total)

Boston Center for the Arts (BCA)
Artist Studios Building, Studio 204
551 Tremont St. Boston, MA

The Workshop
Psychological Gesture is at the heart of Michael Chekhov’s approach to acting. This 12-hour workshop is introducing this element of his technique as a means of creative expression and transformation. In relating to text, we will expand the use of gesture into a way for each individual actor to confidently follow his or her own process.

In this workshop we will be working with a short dialogue by a contemporary playwright.
* You will receive the text prior to the workshop
* The dialogue / scene is about 1 minute long
* We will ask you to learn both parts by heart


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CRAIG MATHERS is an actor who has been working on stage, film and television. He studied acting with Sanford Meisner at the Neighborhood Playhouse and is a graduate of Yale Drama School where he studied acting under Earle Gister. Craig is a designated Linklater teacher and an associate professor of Performing Arts at Emerson College. You can read more on our faculty page.
RAGNAR FREIDANK has been on faculty at The New School’s Acting Program in NYC for the past 12 years. He is one of the featured teachers and co-director of the acclaimed DVD series Master Classes in the Michael Chekhov Technique, produced by the Michael Chekhov Association (MICHA). He directed the award-winning narrative film Beautiful Hills of Brooklyn, starring Joanna Merlin, executive producer Bob Balaban. You can read more on our faculty page.

How to Apply
**Please note that the dates are still subject to confirmation** / To apply & for more information, send us a short message and we will contact you. Class size is limited.

Michael Chekhov on Gesture
“If we really understand the Psychological Gesture, we will see that there are no limits for us as actors because everything can be turned into the Psychological Gesture… It is a big big door through which we can enter and take everything, and turn them into things which we can act.”  Michael Chekhov

PHELIM MCDERMOTT is showing composer PHILIP GLASS what Michael Chekhov means by “Psychological Gesture”. [2:04]